The Top 5 Unsolicited Nicknames Donald Trump Has Bestowed Upon His Enemies

The mainstream media should be used to President Trump’s proclivities towards name calling at this point. He’s been giving catchy, and often politically damaging, nicknames to rivals for as long as he’s been on the political scene. Nevertheless, journalists seemed to lose their minds over Trump’s new pet name for insane sociopath Kim Jong-Un, “Rocket Man”, which he solidified during his first United Nations speech on Tuesday. Are these nicknames childish? Sure. Unpresidential? Yep. Hilarious? Absolutely. So in honor of Trump’s newest addition, I thought it only fitting that we stroll down memory lane and rank his top five nicknames for political enemies.

5th Place: Crooked Hillary

Trump dropped this bigly winner of a nickname at a rally in Watertown, New York, during the 2016 presidential race. It stuck like glue, and for good reason. Hillary is the epitome of corrupt elitism and has found herself mired in scandal for the past twenty plus years. It’s simple, it’s memorable, and it defines her character. The only reason “Crooked Hillary” doesn’t score higher here is because it’s one of Trump’s more obvious jabs.



Walmart Home Delivery to Your Fridge

Walmart is now testing a service that will allow employees to enter your home and stock your fridge while you’re out. Because nothing appeals to me more than the thought of a Walmart employee entering my home while no one is there and handling my food. Somehow I don’t see this catching on.

My, but someone has a case of the vapors. If the U.S. Adopts the G.O.P.’s Health-Care Bill, It Would Be an Act of Mass Suicide. The only sentence you need to read is: “To review how we got to this point: last spring, the House passed a health-care-reform bill that proposed….” I’m pretty sure this should read “in the dead of night on Christmas Eve 2009, the Senate with not a single Republican vote, passed Obamacare”. No need to read the entire article, just time you’ll never get back.