The Top 5 Unsolicited Nicknames Donald Trump Has Bestowed Upon His Enemies

The mainstream media should be used to President Trump’s proclivities towards name calling at this point. He’s been giving catchy, and often politically damaging, nicknames to rivals for as long as he’s been on the political scene. Nevertheless, journalists seemed to lose their minds over Trump’s new pet name for insane sociopath Kim Jong-Un, “Rocket Man”, which he solidified during his first United Nations speech on Tuesday. Are these nicknames childish? Sure. Unpresidential? Yep. Hilarious? Absolutely. So in honor of Trump’s newest addition, I thought it only fitting that we stroll down memory lane and rank his top five nicknames for political enemies.

5th Place: Crooked Hillary

Trump dropped this bigly winner of a nickname at a rally in Watertown, New York, during the 2016 presidential race. It stuck like glue, and for good reason. Hillary is the epitome of corrupt elitism and has found herself mired in scandal for the past twenty plus years. It’s simple, it’s memorable, and it defines her character. The only reason “Crooked Hillary” doesn’t score higher here is because it’s one of Trump’s more obvious jabs.



IS SPAIN ON THE BRINK?: Tensions Mount As Catalan Independence Referendum Draws Near

For years, there has been a growing movement for independence from Spain in Catalonia, a prosperous region that includes the city of Barcelona. Since 1977, Catalan has enjoyed limited autonomy from the Spanish government and in 2006, Catalonian citizens approved the Statute of Autonomy For Catalonia by referendum vote, establishing the framework for Catalonia’s autonomous government. In 2010, the Statute of Autonomy was struck down by Spanish Government Constitutional Courts, which reignited the independence debate. And now, on October 1st, 2017, citizens of Catalonia will vote in a major referendum that could decide the future of the region.

Well… if they’re allowed to vote that is.

Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, and the central government in Madrid, have declared that any referendum which poses the question of whether to secede from Spain is unconstitutional and illegal, and will not be allowed to take place. After the central government’s announcement, huge protests sprang up throughout the region, especially in Barcelona.


Portland Police Declare Tracking Gang Affiliation Is Racist

On October 15th, police officers in Portland, Oregon will no longer have the means to tag known gang members with an official “gang designation”. The Portland Police Department has decided to stop identifying gang members and purge the gang member database it has developed over the last 20 years. According to The Oregonian, before this decision to change policy was made, “Police were able to add someone to the list if the person self-identified as a member of a gang, participated in a gang initiation ritual, committed a gang-related crime or displayed two or more observable signs of gang membership”.

The ability to track gang designations is obviously beneficial to police. Basic common sense tells us there are huge benefits in knowing more about a suspected perpetrator. Known gang affiliations help police officers know where to look for suspects, narrow lists of possible accomplices, and can help officers ask the right people the right questions.



CHILD ABUSE: 8th Graders Forced To Lie On The Floor With Hands Bound As Part Of Slavery Reenactment

Take a moment and remember what it was like being in the 8th grade. You’re thirteen years old, pimply and awkward, unsure of yourself, and still growing as a person. The authorities in your life are your parents and teachers, and young as you are, you have no choice but to rely on their guidance. You’re gradually learning independence and responsibility, but you’re nowhere near adulthood.

Now imagine that during history class, you are forced by a teacher to have your hands bound with masking tape, and made to lie down on the floor of a dark classroom, shoulder to shoulder with your peers. Imagine you didn’t know this was coming. Would that quicken your heart beat? Would your palms sweat? Now imagine you’re a black child being forced through this ordeal.

This isn’t a nightmare, although it sure reads like one, at least until the video clips from Roots start playing. This is a reality for the 8th graders at Whitney High School in Cerritos, California. This surprise “lesson” which, according to CBS Los Angeles, has been going on in 8th grade classrooms for the last ten years, and is intended to be a slave ship reenactment, was recently brought to light by a disturbed mother, Shardé Carrington, after she received an email from her child’s teacher informing her of the upcoming “Unique Learning Experience”.


Kmart Abandons “Plus-Size” Moniker. Now Sells “Fabulously Sized” Clothing

In 2017, nothing (but conservatism apparently) is allowed to be labeled as negative. If you want to steal other people’s money, you’re really just fighting for income equality. If you hate America, you’re a true patriot, standing up to a racist establishment. If you use violence to quell political opposition, you’re fighting fascism. And now apparently, if you’re clinically obese, you’re “fabulous”.

Kmart has announced that it’s rebranding “plus-sized” clothing as “fabulously sized” at stores across the country. According to The Washington Times, Kelly Cook, Kmart’s Chief Marketing Officer, said, “When we reached out to our members on social media, they told us we needed to have a better assortment and that we should call it something different”. She continued, “this decision was also heavily influenced by the fact that there’s a solid trend on the market around diversity promotion and body positivity”.

It’s worth noting that “plus sized” language is itself the result of clothing providers moving away from more politically incorrect and offensive terminology like “hefty”.

Cook added, “They absolutely love this whole mantra of ‘Fabulously Sized’.” And I’m sure customers do. No one likes having to shop for their clothes in the fat section. But is normalizing and glamorizing obesity healthy?

There has been a growing movement in America condemning paper thin models (who subsist on a sprig of lettuce and one saltine cracker per day), and encouraging young people, women especially, to be comfortable with their bodies. And while there’s nothing wrong with teaching body positivity, there’s a happy medium to be reached.

Anorexia is very bad and very unhealthy. But so is obesity.

According to the Times, “Kmart’s new “I can” campaign, which launched Monday, features diverse women marketing the expansion of the company’s signature brands to larger sizes ranging from 1x to 5x”.

If you want to be overweight, be overweight… food is delicious. I’m sure there are many fat and happy Americans out there. It’s a free country; embrace it and love yourself for doing what makes you happy – just don’t try to redefine what’s beautiful, healthy and normal in order to justify your choices to yourself.

WATER STILL WET: Hillary Clinton Book Tour Edition

Hillary Clinton’s unintentionally hilarious and incessantly whiny presidential race memoir, What Happened, hit bookstore shelves and Amazon this week and the response has been amazing. In the weeks prior to publication, people expected Hillary to rant and rave and blame and moan and deflect all personal responsibility in the long-winded tome. Lordy… she did not disappoint. I felt it only fitting, since most of us saw this coming, to share some of the best unnecessary headlines critics had to offer. So without further ado, here are the week’s most pointless, and uproariously funny stories concerning What Happened:

1.) We All Know What Happened, Hillary: You’re A Loser! Now Get Over It And Give The Rest Of Us A Break (DailyMail)

I’m usually not a fan of Piers Morgan and his arrogant, British-accented, self-righteousness, but boy does he nail it in this article. He’s correct of course: we all know what happened. Hillary Clinton was a terrible, corrupt, untrustworthy candidate, who ran an abysmal campaign that alienated half the country (a specialty of the Democrats).

His analysis of her campaign strategy is spot on:

“Hillary ran a diabolically elitist and blinkered campaign that basically boiled down to this mantra: ‘Trump’s disgusting, his supporters are a basket of deplorable idiots, I’m a brilliant woman, my husband used to be President, and I have lots of rich, famous friends – so vote for me.’”


NEW POLL: Bernie Sanders Way Ahead In Democratic 2020 Presidential Primary

According to a Zogby Analytics poll released on September 12th, former presidential candidate and fantasyland socialist, Bernie Sanders, would dominate the field if the 2020 Democratic presidential primary was held today. The survey, which polled an admittedly small number of likely voters (834), showed that Democrats, particularly millennials and women, are still very much “feeling the bern”.

Of the respondents, 28% chose the millionaire socialist Sanders as their preferred candidate. Joe Biden, who came in second behind Sanders, finished with only 17%, while intersectional favorite, Kamala Harris, earned a measly 6%. Perhaps most amusingly, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who completely botched the response to last month’s Charlottesville rally and then had the gall to congratulate himself on television at every opportunity, finished with 1% of polled votes. It seems Americans are less than thrilled with his “uncontrolled chaos, let them fight” approach.