NEW POLL: Bernie Sanders Way Ahead In Democratic 2020 Presidential Primary

According to a Zogby Analytics poll released on September 12th, former presidential candidate and fantasyland socialist, Bernie Sanders, would dominate the field if the 2020 Democratic presidential primary was held today. The survey, which polled an admittedly small number of likely voters (834), showed that Democrats, particularly millennials and women, are still very much “feeling the bern”.

Of the respondents, 28% chose the millionaire socialist Sanders as their preferred candidate. Joe Biden, who came in second behind Sanders, finished with only 17%, while intersectional favorite, Kamala Harris, earned a measly 6%. Perhaps most amusingly, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who completely botched the response to last month’s Charlottesville rally and then had the gall to congratulate himself on television at every opportunity, finished with 1% of polled votes. It seems Americans are less than thrilled with his “uncontrolled chaos, let them fight” approach.



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