WEED WORLD; Cannabis Cultivators Purchase Town In Hopes Of Creating “Smoker’s Paradise”

Welcome to Nipton, California! Home of everything you could ever want in a quaint little California desert town! There’s the hotel, the school house, fat sacks of cannabis, and the local post office.

Sorry… what was that third one again?

In August, a marijuana cultivator and pot themed app developer, American Green, purchased the small town of Nipton (population 20) with the intention of transforming it into a weed smoker’s paradise. The small town is about an hour away from Las Vegas, nestled right on the border of San Bernadino County, California and the Nevada State line.


Nipton, which covers approximately 120 acres, sprang up as an outpost during the gold rush. In the press release put out by American Green, David Gwyther, the company’s chairman and president, said “We are excited to lead the charge for a true ‘Green Rush’”. The town will also reportedly look at increasing energy efficiency and sustainability, officially checking the last few boxes required to become a full fledged hippie commune.

There’s been no word yet from American Green regarding attractions coming to the town. I would guess though, that as Nipton increases accommodations for guests, there will be specific P&L lines for Hot Pockets, Cartoon Network subscriptions, and Xbox consoles.

Until we know more, we can only hope and pray that Occupational Health & Safety is wrong about marijuana use decreasing workplace safety and productivity. Otherwise, the town of Nipton may be in for a few hiccups as they look to create a ‘marijuana nirvana’ in the desert.





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